Jan Braai, the man behind the National Braai Day initiative, wants to get you Braai Day ready. Follow these tips for a successful weekend of braaing:

Friends making barbecue and having lunch in the nature.

1. The perfect steak
“To braai the perfect steak, you need the meat to be at room temperature before if goes on to the fire, you need lots of extremely hot coals and your steak should be done medium rare,” says Jan Braai. ALSO READ: A lesson in cooking the perfect steak.

2.The essential instrument
“Certain cuts or types of meat require different braaing times,” says Braai, “so get yourself a digital instant-read meat thermometer.”

3. Try a curry
“For the last 10 years I’ve been on a curry binge; making a curry is the one thing I do on the braai more than anything else. In my latest book, The Democratic Republic of Braai, I have four great curry recipes you can try on Braai Day.” Click HERE for a lip-smacking lamb curry recipe for the braai.

4. Say no to dry wors
“If you’re just having wors – which is always acceptable – it only needs to be braaied for eight minutes. Turn the wors every two minutes. That’s three turns after you’ve placed the wors on the grid.” ALSO READ: How to make boerewors rolls with a twist.

5. Tong master
“Have three pairs of proper braai tongs at the ready; one for the fire, one for raw meat and one for braaied meat. This always keeps fussy guests happy.”



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