Ding! A notification on your phone just went off, you open it up to find the dreaded message, “Stage 4 Loadshedding starts in 1 hour”. As if humans were programmed since the start of time, you go into a power saving mode; heating up your food, boiling the kettle, charging your power banks and cellphones. Yes, you can all relate to what I’m saying and the sad reality of it all is that we are going to be living with load shedding for the next 10 or so years.

We can’t do anything about our electricity short comings but we can definitely prepare ourselves better and start to find a new normal. There is a solution that is sustainable and affordable, Gas.

Now there are countless products that can be bought that work off gas, so much so, that you wouldn’t really notice if your power went off except the noisy generator of your neighbour. Products such as stoves, boiling tables, burners, heaters, lighting and even cooking equipment.

Today I specifically want to look at gas heaters. It’s relevant as we are sitting in the beginning of an icy winter and without power, your house becomes a giant freezer on its own. This normally wouldn’t be a problem in my household, but having a new born baby makes it extra difficult to perform normal functions without baby getting cold. That’s where our gas heater comes to the rescue. Easy to use, and mobile enough to go from room to room, we have awesome warmth on the move thanks to gas.

A full body gas heater that comes in many stylish colours stocked with a 9 KG gas bottle that is reusable is definitely the way to go. In fact, many restaurants have opted for patio gas heaters as there heating source keeping their patrons warm and happy.

It’s really a no brainer to use gas heaters with or without load shedding, so go on and make the right choice now.

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