Gas. The three letters that changed the way we live and the way we do things. So many things we use on a daily basis now have the ability to solely operate on gas. Anything from stoves, heaters, and geysers just to mention a few.

A few years back, you would head off a camping trip and take a few bags of charcoal and wood with to use when cooking, now you get awesome portable gas braais that you can get started on a flick of switch that are easily transportable.

Using gas comes with so many advantages, such as being cheaper, more mobile than normal electrical products and I think the most important and undisputed advantage is being reliable. Yes that’s right, reliable. Eskom has brought upon many problems and one them being is the lack of electricity and the stable deliverance. Having a gas stove is a major plus, you no longer need to worry about having dinner cooked before load shedding begins.

When you go to turn on your outdoor gas stove, it’s up to heat immediately however when using an electric stove you need to wait for it to heat up the element first.

Another great advantage of gas is that it is environmentally friendly as it burns cleaner than other fossil fuels.

Electric cooking tops and the pans used on them need to be perfectly flat or the heat won’t be distributed evenly across the cookware. The flames on a gas cooking top are centralised so that they heat pans evenly.

When we talk about gas being the cheaper option in a home for example, we are referring to the continued long term use of it, while the initial outlay and installation might cost more than your electric option, you are looking at a seriously good return on investment.

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