Many people tend to have their birthday parties at home, well at least the non-milestone ones. No matter how small your extended family may be your guests still tend run into the dozens when you include your friends. For this size of gathering it’s usually a good option to have it at home.

Here are a few ways you can gear your house to have a party at home.

Determine how many people you will invite to your party. Then check if you have enough seating for everyone. If it’s an informal party you can use camping chairs in your garden or backyard for people to sit on. With camping chairs you have the added convenience that you can just fold it up and pack it away for the next gathering. Plus have you sat in a camping chair? It’s so comfortable. Your guests might get so relaxed that they don’t want to go home.

If your party is going to take place outside in your backyard then you will probably want to get a gazebo from gazebo wholesalers. The gazebo is nice way to protect your guests from the sunlight and when the sun sets it is also good cover against that chill that the evening brings. Plus you can also decorate the gazebo. Whatever the theme of your party is, you can decorate the gazebo or drape it so that it fits in with the theme. Many people enjoy draping it with large sheets to give it lovely soft effect. Others also hang decorations from it or add balloons to it to give it that birthday party feeling. There are many ways you can decorate the gazebo. Depending on how many people you’ve invited you may need more than one gazebo so you can try to get it from gazebo wholesalers.

You will also need tables. On the tables you can place the snacks and cake for your guests to enjoy. Your guests will need an area to eat and they will also need a place to put their drinks so the table will come in very handy. The tables can also be decorated according to your birthday theme. Here you have a couple of options. You can either have one main table that you can decorate. This is usually the cake table with all the snacks and cake on it. The other tables can be placed neatly around the yard for your guests. If it’s a more formal party then you would decorate each table with a centrepiece, table runner and the decorations. You could also have a long table that is decorated in this manner where your guests can be seated while they enjoy the birthday party festivities.

In terms of catering for all your guests when you’re having the party at home, you can either braai, make a potjie or both, depending on your budget. A braai or potjie is usually a more festive way to cater because your guests can spend time with you while the braai is being done. Plus you or whomever you’ve nominated to braai will not be bound to the kitchen and will still feel part of the birthday vibe.

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