Many people wonder if it is better to have a gas geyser versus the electrical geyser we all have used all our lives. Well this will depend on how you want to manage your electricity bill and if you would prefer to be off the grid.

Consider the traditional electrical geyser. It is powered by the electricity that is provided by the main electricity provider. And we all know how unpredictable that source of energy can be because we’ve all experience load shedding. Plus with the traditional electrical geyser it takes a lot of electricity units to heat up the water in the geyser and to keep it warm throughout the day. While many people try to save electricity by switching it off at night, when it is switched back on in the morning it takes a lot of electricity to heat up that much water again. So you end up spending a lot more electricity units. It’s not really a saving by switching it off. This electricity consumption costs you more and it puts more pressure on the electrical grid from which we all draw energy from. And when this happens, we find that we’re subject to load shedding because there is not enough electricity to go around. With so much pressure that’s been put on the electrical grid there has been a need to draw energy from other sources.

Gas is a good alternative energy source. It is a good energy source because it is available at many outlets and it is one that can last a reasonably long time. The gas canister is connected to the geyser and heats the water in the unit. Switching to a gas geyser will require the skill of a certified installer. The technician must have the knowledge of how gas works and how it should be installed. Safety measures must be put in place so that you are assured that it is installed correctly and that the gas geyser will function properly.

You can also do comparisons between the two options in terms of the cost like you can take a look at the gas geyser price versus that of the electrical geyser. Then you can consider the long term benefit of installing a gas geyser. One big difference that comes to mind when you consider the cost of the two is that with the electrical one you will have to pay for the electricity usage every month but the with the gas option you only pay for the gas canister. You don’t have to buy a gas canister every month, only when the gas runs out. This is a very good way to manage your monthly bills because you can literally cut down one of the bills and you can save that monthly amount or use it towards something else.

Whether it is better to have a gas geyser will depend on your preferences. If you want to get off the grid and not be so dependent on electricity then it might be a good option. It will also be a good way to avoid load shedding because your gas geyser will still continue to work no matter what is happening with the electricity usage in the country.

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