LPG is very efficient for cooking, space & water heating.

When heating water with LPGas, only the water used is heated instantaneously, as opposed to an electric immersion heater (geyser) which requires the run-off of many litres of valuable water before hot water is achieved. In your geyser, the water used is then replaced with cold water which reduces the overall temperature of the total content (+/- 200 litres) Electricity is then required to re-heat the entire content to the operating temperature. This wastes both water & electricity.

Cooking with LPGas is extremely economical as there is no warm up or cool down time. A gas flame is infinitely variable thus making temperature control (e.g. simmering) far easier. Most modern gas stoves are fitted with both self-ignition and flame failure devices. Chefs all over the world prefer to only cook with gas.

For space heating, LPGas provides instant, powerful warmth at the touch of a button. Unlike electricity, heat generated from a gas heater does not remove water molecules from the air.  With the popular roll-about cabinet heaters you can move your heater from room to room as required – but turn it off first. Most units operate on three burning panels which, when used simultaneously, heat up even the largest room in next to no time. It is then recommended that the heater be turned down to one panel which will retain the desired heat and also make the use of the heater much more economical.

LPGas, unlike electricity, is portable and provides a host of usages both indoors and outdoors. Gas braais are rapidly becoming SA’s favourite way to cook that T-bone steak and Wors at the weekend. As with top-of-stove cooking, gas braais provide instant, powerful and infinitely  variable heat to ensure a perfect result every time.

LPGas is widely accessible with outlets throughout SA. Through hardware stores and specialist gas shops there is a nationwide distribution channel with an outlet close to you.

LPGas can be stored and is ready for use whenever and wherever you need heat and light. Keep 1 x spare cylinder for when your main one is empty and you will never be out of power.

LPGas is economical. Despite being a 100% derivative of oil, 1Kg of LPGas (approx. 2 litres of 93 octane petrol) cooks and heats at a kilojoule cost which is comparative to both electricity and other alternative fuels due to its high efficiency. Cooking and heating are faster with LPGas so, you use less overall.

LP Gas also helps to reduce Black Carbon (BC) emissions which are the second biggest contributor of global warming and which cause serious health problems.

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