What is so great about it? To any South African, the great outdoors represents more than just a camping trip, more than a weekend away. It’s a special connection we have with our surroundings that can’t be replicated anywhere on Earth.

Many families have a tradition of going away together over a holiday period and spending some great quality time together in the outdoors. However the normal conversations will come up like, where will we sleep, what will we cook on, what will sit under, etc. Well that’s the beauty of planning your trip. You get to address all these topics under one roof, the Totai roof.

As camping equipment suppliers, they have many products that range from camping chairs, tents, gazebos, cooler boxes, sleeping bags, braai’s and general equipment. Tents today for example, are not just made from the cheapest material readily available but instead sourced from the highest quality and best bang for your buck.

Tents need to withstand many elements that one might find themselves faced with, the hot blistering sun during the day, or possibly a strong wind that brings in a typical Highveld afternoon thunderstorm.

Looking at gazebos, they are not just a means to providing shade for your family during the day, but they also provide you with some sort of privacy as they come with attachable side walls which allow for some special family bonding time.

As you know, the ground can be very hard to just sit on, so how about pulling out your favourite camping chair while roasting marshmallows around the fire.

Bed time in the great outdoors is now more comfortable with awesome snug sleeping bags. As you can see Totai can cover your entire trip from start to finish. Head over to their website to browse the many options available.

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