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Totai has been a major contributor towards the growth of the gas industry within Southern Africa and is seen as a specialist company in the industry due to the magnitude of its gas range. All Totai products are distributed throughout Southern Africa.


Caters for all domestic gas appliance needs and has specialised lines that would cater for commercial and installers needs


Provides affordable, good quality solutions to consumers camping and outdoor needs. From Tents & Gazebos to Cooler bags and braais


For over 60 years Totai has built an enviable reputation as a leading gas equipment and appliance business. From humble beginnings, the company has remained true to it’s founding principles of quality products, value for money and a string network of after sales service and parts inventory available nationally.

Dear valued customers,

With reference to the Lockdown declared by the President of South Africa- Totai will accede to the President’s request to be a part of the solution to the epidemic by shutting down all operations effective from 16:00PM on the 26 March 2020.

However, should you have any queries during this time, kindly contact the relevant persons below who will try and assist you as best as possible given the circumstances.

Department Contact Contact Number E mail Address
Sales Nabila Patel 082 320 4367
Sales Muhammed Seedat 084 899 9000
Accounts Noel Henry 076 336 9765
Service No’maan Mohamed 079 156 9727
Service Antoinette Booysens 081 718 6169
Marketing Halema Sahib 076 324 3621
Marketing Ebrahim Seedat 060 505 3976
Sales Manager A.R.Daya (Boetie) 071 474 8844
Accounts Manager Yusuf Adam 082 887 0886
Director Ashraf .A. Jeena 082 828 5091
Director Shaahid Dockrat 084 678 6708

We hope that this epidemic will soon be a distant memory and we can get back to normality.

May God protect us and grant us success.


Say No To Load Shedding

Gas power means that you are not dependant on electricity.
Gas Cooking

Gas Cooking

When it comes to precise temperature control, gas cooktops have a clear advantage. While electric ranges cook food perfectly well, they don't have the same level of temperature control, which can be a problem if one is cooking foods that require precision and care.

Gas Water Heating

Gas Water Heating

A gas water heater can save you a considerable amount of cash each month with an 80% efficiency rate and 82% recovery rate. With a gas water heater, you'll have hot water when you need it, without any thermal heat loss (waste), and at a lower operational cost.

Gas Heating

Gas Heating

Gas heat delivers warm air at the register that is normally 110+ degrees, which is significantly warmer than your body temperature. The result is a warm and cozy home – quickly. In addition, gas appliances will continue to work in the event of a power outage.

Gas Lighting

Gas Lighting

Our Gas Lighting products do not depend on electricity and shines brightly even when there are power outages and the light produced by gas lighting doesn't create unkind shades like electric inundation light does and insects are not engrossed by the illumination of the gas light.

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