TOTAI - the leading gas appliance company in Southern Africa.

Since inception in 1980 we have grown and evolved our diversified product portfolio which includes our home brand Totai, as well as the premium Italian brands Elba and Elica. Elba is a range of Italian gas cooking appliance while Elica is a range of exquisitely designed domestic kitchen extractor purification systems.

Totai has over the years built a reputation for reliable gas and outdoor products which has placed it amongst the leaders across all divisions of the gas appliance spectrum in Southern Africa. We have developed an enviable reputation backed by world class infrastructure, logistics and after sales support. Totai is represented across a broad array of retailers in all market segments.

Our brands are respected both from a retail and consumer perspective, with dedicated teams of skilled people who understand the importance of the balance between quality, value for money, technical support and product depth.

Placing innovation and governance at the heart of our business we are confident that we offer great products while managing a balance between profit, the environment and social responsibility. This disciplined operation with a deep understanding of the symbiotic relationship between company, customers and consumers, has positioned us for the future and is secured by a fundamental commitment to perform at the highest levels.

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