Camping Season is Here So Get Ready

When the warm days arrive and the clear skies are here that’s when it is so delightful to go out and enjoy a fun camping trip. Outdoor enthusiasts spend much of the time camping or hiking and enjoying a lot of fun activities in the open air. Although there are many ways to enjoy a camping trip like traditional camping with a tent, beach day camping or camping while hiking. Whichever outdoor activity you choose Read more…


Is It Better To Have A Gas Geyser?

Many people wonder if it is better to have a gas geyser versus the electrical geyser we all have used all our lives. Well this will depend on how you want to manage your electricity bill and if you would prefer to be off the grid. Consider the traditional electrical geyser. It is powered by the electricity that is provided by the main electricity provider. And we all know how unpredictable that source of energy Read more…

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How To Have a Party At Home

Many people tend to have their birthday parties at home, well at least the non-milestone ones. No matter how small your extended family may be your guests still tend run into the dozens when you include your friends. For this size of gathering it’s usually a good option to have it at home. Here are a few ways you can gear your house to have a party at home. Determine how many people you will Read more…

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Make the Most of the Outdoors This Spring

Spring is such a lovely time of the year. Flowers are blooming, trees are green and the warmth of the sun is starting to shine on us. It signifies the end of winter and the ability to go outside and enjoy spending time with family and friends. The warmer days means that you can go camping again so get yourself ready with all the necessary camping equipment. Camping is great way to enjoy spring and Read more…

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Gas Water Heaters (Gas Geysers)

DK Gas Appliances (Pty) Ltd has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided herein regarding gas geysers. However, the information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind.DK Gas Appliances (Pty) Ltd does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, or reliability of the information contained herein. No warranties, promises and/or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, are given as to the Read more…

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