Understanding the different burner combination of your gas cooker.


Every cooker will have a range of different burners which generally consist of the following:

Wok Burner – This burner is an essential on any premium cookers. It is designed to produce a massive amount of heat in a short period so that the wok or cookware can be heated up quick and efficiently allowing you to use methods which they normally wouldn’t be able to on an electric stove – for example searing steak, stir frying, deep frying, steaming, and smoking.

Rapid Burner – This burner will be the largest burner on a cooker that doesn’t have a wok burner and as the name suggests will burn rapidly and create good heat for boiling, frying, grilling or meals that require high heat.

Semi – Rapid Burner – This Burner is a size between an Auxiliary Burner and Rapid Burner is size and is perfect for steaming vegetables or leaving dishes to slow cook for long periods of time.

Auxiliary Burner – This would be the smallest burner on your cooker and is ideal for dishes that you would prefer to cook on lower heat or to simmer.

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