Gas vs Electric Heaters

Gas Heater

Gas Heater

Electric Heater

Not dependent on electricity and gas shortages are not common.

Dependent on Eskom or alternative electrical power source.

Easy to move around (Never move your heater while it is switched on).

Usually has a short power cable makes it difficult to move around.

Gas can heat up a space quicky and then the heat can be reduced or switched off.

Depending on the model, but traditional panel electric heaters take ages to heat up area and end up drying out air.

Easy to control usage- you can budget energy consumption as you pay per bottle.

Electric heaters are more challenging to control and calculated cost of consumption.

Open flame requires more caution, especially around younger children.

Less of a hazard to kids.

Why are gas heaters perfect for you? Here are 6 reasons…

  1. Safe and easy to use.
  2. Cost effective and affordable.
  3. Easy to manage consumption.
  4. Quickly heats up indoor / outdoor spaces if used correctly.
  5. Easy to pack away at the end of the season.
  6. Durable and long lasting no fancy electronics that can malfunction.

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