Know your Cookerhood!


When it comes to using a cookerhood not everyone understands this product very well and often people have many questions to ask. We have summarised some of the most frequent questions asked to help you understand your cookerhood..

  1. Product use
  • What’s the difference between the extractor version and the filtering version?

Elica hoods can be installed in 2 different versions:

The EXTRACTOR hood expels the air outside the home. It is the most common type as it guarantees high performance, high flow rate and minimum noise.

The FILTERING version removes unpleasant odours through a special filter and reintroduces the air into the kitchen area. This type is suitable in situations

where there is no outlet hole, avoiding external heat dispersion.

  • What kind of ducting pipe do I need to use to achieve the best performance?

The choice of ducting pipe depends on the type of configuration required for the kitchen. We recommend using: a flexible ducting pipe for a direct outlet. A rigid ducting pipe for a short section or if there are bends. This type of ducting pipe produces less noise than flexible or corrugated ducting pipes. A ducting pipe with a diameter the same size as the hood outlet is required to achieve the best performance. If this is not possible, we recommend a maximum 20% reduction in the pipe diameter. Ducting pipes with diameters reduced more than 20% of the hood outlet hole diameter result in a negative impact on the flow rate and noise level of the hood. Some models do not provide for reductions, so we recommend checking the product manual to see if this is possible.

  • Do you recommend using an extractor or filtering version?

Elica recommends installing the extractor version of the hood because it guarantees a better performance, high flow rate and low noise levels. Only in cases where it is impossible to install a pipe to expel the air to the outside due to logistical and space reasons (for example, where there is no outlet hole), then install or convert the hood into a filtering version.  

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