Know how to use your cooker hood optimally!

How can I clean the cooker hood and get best results?

The hood must be cleaned with neutral products (pH7) that are neither alkaline nor acid. Check that there are no harmful components such as soda, ammonia, chlorine or acid in the cleaning product. If the hood is made of steel, it is important to be careful about the type of cleaning product you purchase as the presence of the above-mentioned substances may have a harmful effect on the steel, causing stains or rust spots. The hood must be regularly cleaned both internally and externally in strict accordance with the maintenance instructions. Failure to follow the rules for hood cleaning, as well as filter and accessory replacement and cleaning may result in a fire hazard.

Why is important to use Elica original spare parts?

To ensure the very best results and problem-free use, Elica recommends that you only use original spare parts and accessories. Reliability, performance and safety must be accompanied by the quality of spare parts and accessories developed and manufactured following strict production criteria that only the parent company can guarantee, thus helping you to maintain the very high performance of Elica products in the long term.

Can my cooker hood be used with a remote?

To find out if your hood can be used with a remote control, fill in the form in the Contact us section, on our website. To find out the compatibility between products and accessories, it is essential to provide the hood’s 12NC code. This is a 12-digit number that starts with 208 and is found on the product’s rating plate. The compatibility is, however, also specified in the use and maintenance manual of all products.

How long does the warranty last on Elica products last?

Elica products come standard with a 24-month warranty. A summary of the specific product warranty can be found on the Warranty Section of our website.
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